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Do you ever wonder how you manage to get it all done despite how much is going on in your mind?

Do you ever lie awake at night spinning with thoughts of what you have to do or what you’re worried about?

Or are you the person to push and distract yourself so well that you crash the second you sit still only to get up the next day and do it all over again?

Sounds exhausting, but I believe that everyone struggles with their inner madness to some degree. However, the million dollar question is how much negative impact does it have on you or those around you?

I commonly see addicts really struggle to function because they are trying to manage their addiction while at the same time lead some type of “normal life.” Depending on how many adjustments they can make will depend on how successful they’re at managing it all (they usually don’t do so well). For others, it’s generally not as difficult as managing an addiction. Yet, sometimes it feels overwhelming and other times it can actually be more difficult then the addict’s life because at least the addict experiences temporary relief. Regardless of who you are, at the end of the day they’re all distractions that keep us from having to deal with the same thing; ourselves. Underneath these distractions we discover what is really going on inside. Unfortunately, so many people are afraid of dealing with what that is. The people I meet in therapy are usually the one’s that are just fed up with the the games they play in their own minds and they realize they cannot go on this way any longer. Frequently, that discovery is how unhappy they’re in some part(s) of their life.

The journey to discover what your inner madness is can lead to the end to the monotony you’ve created so you can finally experience inner peace. Contact us today to start 2015 off right and make the needed changes to lead a satisfying and fulfilling life with inner peace.