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When Is It Time For Couples Therapy? | Santa Clarita Couples Therapy

In the mental health community, there’s a term commonly used called “Self Regulation”. While there are some interchangeable words that mean the same thing, it’s pretty much just as it sounds. It’s your ability to self soothe, self regulate, or manage your emotions in times of stress, anxiety, frustration, or conflict. Many people expose their […]

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The Zone of Communication | Couples Counseling Santa Clarita

When communication is poor relationships suffer the most while talking about areas that produce high conflict. I consider these areas “hot topics”. However, some couples can’t even communicate about simple subjects because their unresolved issues and resentments bleed into even the most non-threatening conversations. What should good communication look like? It’s when discussions stay productive […]

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The Rubber Band Effect in Marriage

On 2/15/15, the horrible news broke that a Santa Clarita resident shot and killed his wife and then turned the weapon on himself. The couple was going through divorce and people that knew them said the husband was a good man and couldn’t believe this happened. While I didn’t know them, I attribute many incidents […]

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Donald Goodman Interviewed for The SCV Signal

Donald was interviewed for an article in the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, “What to Discuss before Getting Married” View Article

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10 STEPS TO OVERCOMING INFIDELITY | Santa Clarita Marriage Counseling

Santa Clarita Marriage Counseling¬†By Donald Goodman LCSW STEP 1: GET THE VENOM OUT The victim has a right to be pissed as long as they need to be to feel better. STEP 2: DECIDE ON A SHORT TERM PLAN What are you two going to do immediately through the next few weeks. STEP 3:¬† CREATE […]

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Couples Therapy Valencia, Canyon Country | Sweeping it Under the Rug

Many couples that enter therapy have reported that they don’t address issues and have always just hoped that things would get better or work themselves out. However, they later realized that because they never addressed their problems they developed resentment, animosity, or disconnection from their partner. I believe that this reluctance to address problems in […]

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