Do you want to reconnect?

Let me help the two of you build a stronger, happier, healthier relationship.

Do you want to reconnect?

Have you lost your way?

Together we can get you on the Road to Recovery.

Have you lost your way?

Are you concerned about Child Custody and/or Visitation?

I can help you work towards acheiving whatever outcome is best for you and your child.

Are you concerned about Child Custody and/or Visitation?

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What my clients are saying

When my wife and I began to struggle in our relationship of over 20 years, Don Goodman came into our lives very unexpectedly. He immediately helped us both create a safe environment in which we could both work through our issues independently and become at peace with ourselves. He then brought us together as a couple with a renewed value in ourselves and the ideals of a truly intimate marriage. Today we continue to progress through our renewed relationship and grow closer as a couple each day. If you believe that there are angels amongst us who guide us through difficult times, then Don Goodman would be one.

In a world with many therapists, it is nice to have a healer. Donald Goodman is that kind of therapist. He creates an atmosphere that allows for discovery, acceptance and renewal. I am truly grateful to have found Donald when I did. The teacher did appear when the student was ready!

Donald really helped out with the relationship between my mother and myself. There were decades of issues that we had never addressed and a history of addiction. Donald went out of his way to facilitate a breakthrough for my Mom and I. He is genuine and relate-able while being extremely insightful into the dynamics of family relationships. We are so grateful for his involvement in our lives!

Being somewhat new to family counseling, Donald has been a great help to me and my relationship. Donald has helped me recognize things to look for in relationship that are not relationship problems but my own issues and fears.

Donald has been very easy to talk to and he is someone I can relate to, not only a counselor but as a person who is truly committed in helping me work towards being a better person.

Donald Goodman is a therapist with the right amount of insight and compassion to help me on my path to wholeness.

Last December, I thought I was going to lose my son. He was smoking pot, drinking, ditching school, had a horrible attitude and was completely defiant. Once a straight A student and I was at my wits end and was seriously considering Boot Camp or a Military school. I was desperate to find help for my son. My son had already seen counselors and therapists and made it clear that they didn’t do any good and that he refused to try again. That is when I found Donald Goodman on the Psychology Today website. I was so inspired by his approach and attitude and thought If only I could get my son to see him! I made a deal with my son and said ‘If you don’t like him then you don’t have to go’ I took my son to see him, …after one hour, my son got into the car, a smile on his face and said, ‘Mom, have you ever just talked to someone and they Just get you?’ That was over three months ago. My son is no longer messing up in school, his attitude has changed tremendously, his eyes are clear and our house is feeling like a home once again. Donald has a way about him that is like no other. He just connects! I am so very grateful for Donald.